Writing (and speaking) portfolio

Upcoming in 2022: Virtual speaker for SASFL, Miltonalia (Polish), LIWC Tbilisi

In 2022, I have published on how Moscow ethically should be treated like the Soviet Union in a number of places:

All these articles have been translated into French for Contrepoints – see my profile

Liberty International also organized a podcast on the invasion of Ukraine

In 2021, I was a keynote speaker during the the 10th International Conference “The Austrian School of Economics in the 21st Century” – my speech on „Dialectics – from a method of argumentation to a method of manipulation”

My papers concerning the problem of information war in the naturalist framework, and the possibility to use what we know from clinical psychology to study objectification by totalitarian regimes, can be found in „The Indispensability of Freedom„, a book on Austrian Economics which consists of most papers presented during the 8th International Conference “The Austrian School of Economics in the 21st Century” in Vienna: https://www.austriancenter.com/austrian-economics-conference-papers/

My post „That one time American elections messed up my life” has been translated to French and published by Contrepoints (Thank you!)

My only Mises wire piece, Don’t mix politics and climate science

My Speakfreely debut, If universities are afraid of the emperor, are they still universities?

Speaking portfolio:

I spoke at the „Cult Leaders and Free Will” webinar of Students For Liberty – Macedonia, where I addressed the issue of the psychology of addiction existent in cults and how it can damage the execution of free will.

I was a part of the Human Rights Summit, an online event organized 13th of October 2020 by Ayn Rand Centre Romania and the Free Market Road Show, where I was a panelist in the „Rights and Duties” panel.

In October 2020, I started a podcast with Ayn Rand Centre Romania. The podcast is dedicated to human rights, their nature, the importance of the objective truth in asserting them, and their relevance to everyday life.

Resources from the Free Market Road Show 2020:

Free societies deal better with the unexpected – video for FMRS 2020, from a garden in Malmo
Webinar on the ethics of lockdown
Webinar on the new demands for socialism
Webinar on supporting innovation
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