Project: psychostate!

My talk at the Austrian Economics in the 21st Century in Vienna, November 2019, about how a totalitarian state affects us similarly to narcissistic abuse

A lot of people fleeing from a totalitarian regime experience lack of recognition and respect, feelings of inadequacy and isolation – like nobody can understand them.

It’s not that uncommon of a feeling. In my experience, suffering individual narcissistic abuse can make you feel very similarly. It is the aftermath of being objectified, and then silenced and thrown away. And we should talk about it.

This project was born in emotional trauma (so I believe I have the necessary soft knowledge) and aspires to compare abuse on an individual and political scale. My propositions are:

  • The manipulation techniques used by a totalitarian regime are similar to those that are used individually by narcissists and sociopaths. The end is the same: to turn a human being into an object for somebody else’s needs
  • The aftermath of such treatment is trauma. Symptoms of people subjected to political abuse are similar to symptoms of victims of a narcissist
  • Healing from economical damage is easier and faster than healing from psychological damage, however, they are necessarily intertwined
  • I do not try to diagnose anyone! I research the process and the aftermath of objectification of a human being.

My research has so far been published by Estudios Libertarios:


You can also follow the project on researchgate and read the full article here.

(Alongside with my information war paper, this work is also to be found in “The Indispensability of Freedom”:

What’s next? I plan to search for manipulation techniques in collective philosophies – because I assume they are based on false anthropologies, as proven all too many times.

I really believe we treat other people on a spectrum. On an extreme empathic, liberty-oriented end another person is a unique human being, with their own aspirations and needs and aims, valuable as an end in itself. On the other, narcissistic end, a human is just an object to use and abuse. And any kind of „greater good” does not exist in reality, serving only as an excuse to sociopaths and deceiving those that are naive.

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