After the events at the Capitol, the New York Times youtube community is disgustingly terrifying…

…I could now add a snarky „but what did you expect?”, however, what I have witnessed seems too real and too important for such comments.

Yes, the American society, diverse, divided and incessantly emotionally manipulated, is in the middle of a cultural crisis – or should I write „a cultural shift”? There exist so many factors at play that I won’t pretend to be a prophet – we will have to live to see.

Republicans and Democrats stop seeing each other as human beings. Academia is taken over by those who… Well, experienced people would say are totalitarian left. Strong words, but not thrown without a reason. Others will just describe them as „liberal” in the American sense – the twisted meaning of the word, so far away from liberty.

Yes, the war over the nation’s young minds exist, manipulation exists as well, including the gaslighting of the modern, but still Marxist-derived dialectics, where „truth” loses its meaning. You stand alone in the middle of a campus, defending reality and being called crazy for bringing up historical facts. It’s suffocating. It’s Kafkaesque. It’s how more people will feel if Berkeley takes over the world.

However, I would argue that it’s rich to claim that most of the academics that were so emotionally invested after the election of 2016 have developed political views. When I was a geophysicist in Western Europe, going out to conferences in the States, I have not heard any arguments from them – not a sentence that would criticize a particular policy or analyze its effects. I have only heard terrified whining, whispers that „the world is going to hell”, and witnessed the attitude of „you can’t sit with us if you don’t whine with us”. I have been physically pushed over a gossip that I might be a Trump supporter (I am not). Ribbons that they glued to their ID badges did not speak professional conference. But it was. Theoretically.

No, it doesn’t seem that they have opinions. At least not the lower ranked mass of pseudointellectuals. I’d describe it as knee-jerk emotional reactions. They are not left-wing. They are not anything. They just jump on the bandwagon which is mainstream in the environment to be seen as „cool”, and yes, it’s the only fitting adjective. And there’s no discussion. Oh no. Because that allows disagreement, and if you disagree, it means you attack them as a person, you hate them, you make them feel bad. How could you? The notion of objective truth means someone might be wrong. And being wrong is such an unpleasant feeling that it has to be banned from their kindergarten.

I have even heard that I am not a nice person, because I was trying to have a rational discussion…

Aristotle is rolling in his grave seeing what has been done to the notion of the exchange of ideas. Jefferson sinks deep in his monument seeing what has been done to the press.

What is perhaps the most terrifying is that the „liberal”-controlled media and universities do not see the reality in their equations. If you rule out unpleasant feelings, if you stop teaching history, if you deny the existence of truth, if you shelter the young in confined spaces where nobody challenges them, and if you then pile up hostile groups against each other, turning on their emotional reactions to the maximum…

You can easily get this:

„Of course I’m a good person! I mean well. It means that whatever I say is right. If someone disagrees with me and feels differently, they are a hateful person! They may do bad things. Like kill people. So it’s better if they die”

Am I exaggerating?

Ah, yes, the New York Times on youtube:

A woman named Rosanne Boyland from Georgia has died during the D.C. protests. May she rest in peace.

They did not call her „woman”. They called her a „Trump supporter”. In most of the press, and in the linked NYT youtube post.

And the comments? If you’re Catholic, please go pray to Saint Michael the Archangel right now:

„Lmao she had a “don’t tread on me flag” guess they couldn’t read”, „Waves „don’t tread on me” flag. And the universe laughs.”, „lmao someone said „Dumb ways to die Part 4″ IM WHEEZING”, „aw. let me play a sad song for her on the worlds smallest violin”, „I love this song”, „The fact that she was trampled to death while carrying a “Don’t Tread on Me” flag is hilarious.”, „These boots are made for walking and that’s just what they’ll do, one of the days these boots are going to walk all over you. Literally! :D”, „I feel like this should be on 1000 ways to die episode”, „Awwwww how saaaaad [shrugs in, “that’s called karma”]”

or „thank you for the good news ❤ i was having a bad days and needing some cheering up”

…and more of those.

Just look it up. And shiver.

I won’t even point out the inconsistency in their reactions to the June protests. That’s quite evident. It seems some lives are worth more than others…

A woman is gone far too young. She died a terrible death and left a mourning family behind.

But was she a woman? She was a Trump supporter! She was a white supremacist! Who cares! So funny! Let’s put hand bands on them to know who they are. Let’s transport them to a camp and lock them up. They’re not really people, are they? Because Trump is literally Hitler. One day, I laugh at her death. The next day, when someone hands me a gun and tells me to round them up and shoot, I will. Because I don’t feel a thing. They are not human to me anymore. I believe I am right and so I cannot do bad things. They are the enemy, not me!

Oh wait… People are dead.

Don’t let them do this to you! Don’t let them purge your humanity! Politics is not worth it. We live in this world and lift each other up by the fruits of our labor. We breathe and love and aspire. All of us. And we are so lucky to live such comfortable lives…

Then The New York Times, the government, the PSYOP, the media – they come and stir up the hate, piling living, breathing people against each other. Does it feel good to be spiteful? Does it feel virtuous? Does it even matter in the long run – for your own life?

Being so blinded that you do not see somebody else’s humanity…

Do not open your eyes too late.

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Freedom, not manipulation.

3 myśli w temacie “After the events at the Capitol, the New York Times youtube community is disgustingly terrifying…

  1. Amen! Outstandingly articulated! Many will argue that gov’t executed ‚psyops’ administered upon the masses is a conspiracy theorist’s belief. Yet, the seeming reality of it is evident to us. Why else would so many former CIA (& equivalents) be planted with mainstream media ‚talking heads’ around the globe?
    If psyops doesn’t exist, how else can I explain so many folks apparently ‚asleep at the wheel’, yet so enraged at the sight of a simple (MAGA) hat, so many polarized & pussified people walking around in my country in so few decades? It’s always good to see the ‚Thinkers’ still alive & fighting the dumbed down or ill-intended. Your post is appreciated.

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    1. By the way, imagine how they act when seeing a MAGA hat… Compared to seeing a hammer and sickle. On one side, you have millions killed by a brutal ideology. Not everyone listed on my family grave is physically there. One is in a mass grave far to the East, and you were forbidden to speak about it. You have your parents’ stories of waiting for food for hours or being beaten by militia… That is, if you’re from where I’m from. On the other side… Well, there’s a MAGA hat. How I wish people would be consistent… And educated!


      1. Oh yes, it’s as if someone offended their very existence. I am saddened to know of your family member. Your parents are probably stronger in their cores & are aware of what is important in life based on their stories. Those others are consistent … in consistently searching for something to anger them. I wish they didn’t think reading headlines or FB posts was a means to knowledge. Best wishes out there



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