Philosophical aspects of corona: webinar throwback!

Recording from the 8th May 2020 webinar

Throwback to the Digital Free Market Road Show event with the Austrian Economics Center and the Ayn Rand Center Romania (which happened 8th of May 2020 live). I was honored to start a 3 day discussion about the philosophical, economical and political aspects of the current coronavirus crisis. I talk about the nature of a human being: a person is an end in themselves. We cannot have all of our hopes, aspirations and dreams put into a simulation. A simulation only deals with a narrow scientific question! But then a decision based upon a simulation affects a more complex being that has agency of his own, depriving him or her of the God-given rights. You cannot do math on somebody else’s happiness. You shouldn’t even ask that question. The goal of a political order is not to give you safety, jobs, what-have you. It is to protect your rights, solely – but we have lost that goal. Nature is humbling. The world is scary. A great leader will not change it for the better, only for far, far worse. Let’s treat each other as responsible adults – it is EDUCATION and MANNERS that should matter.

Again – thank you so much for the invitation!

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Freedom, not manipulation.


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