My Free Market Road Show face mask…

… arrived in the mail today!

I was honored to be joining this unusual year’s seminars and online meetings, and talk about how a human being cannot be reduced to a datapoint, how innovation thrives in freedom, and how the emotional abuse of totalitarian regimes is the symptom that takes longest to heal. I cannot thank the Austrian Economics Center enough for this opportunity and motivation boost.

Earlier this year, I imagined spending late April in airplanes, getting to see Tirana for the first time, having the best Bosnian coffee and baklava in Sarajevo – and interacting with other liberty-oriented souls.

However, one of the marks of confident empathy – when you know yourself, when you gain self-respect and when you can defend yourself against any emotional abuser, be it on individual or political scale – is resilience and adaptability. I can still do all this and more from my gorgeous garden in Malmo. And so far, thankfully, nothing can take away from us what is in our minds.

Sadly, oftentimes we grow to these realizations after we have been abused… Too often phrases like „baptism in fire” or „blessing in disguise” have been thrown around, but here, they are accurate. This might be too generalized or oversimplified, still: life is a learning process, and the more valuable the lesson, the more you initially suffer.

I hope I get to wear the mask… Why? Because I still hope to board that plane to Atlanta in June. And if not… there will be other Junes.

Thank you Britt of the AEC!

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Freedom, not manipulation.


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