When the Free Market Road Show goes digital…

… it’s time to launch a website! After a fruitful conference in Vienna last November (check out psychostate! and propaganda wars in the menu), I was thrilled to be joining the Austrian Economic Center’s FMRS in 2020. In early May, I was supposed to have my heart full and my head tired after a few days of traveling between Tirana, Podgorica, Belgrade and Sarajevo, I thought I’d be waiting for the conference in Warsaw and meet some of my friends from Vienna there, and I thought I’d be packing for my Atlanta flight for my Mises Fellowship.

However, there were many things in my life that were supposed to go differently than they went. A lifetime ago, I was supposed to get a PhD in geophysics and become a scientist, but after what I witnessed in the academic environment in Western Europe and the US, I switched my interests to political philosophy, the nature of propaganda and manipulation, the process of infantilization of society, and, tragically, also personality disorders. I ran away from my doctorate and started teaching economics with the Polish Mises Institute. It was the only rational option after the shocks I’ve been through (which you can follow in Polish on my youtube channel).

And so, the year 2020 isn’t that big of an adjustment. Just another crisis that turns everything upside down. We are meeting on so many webinars, and I am a part of one this Friday, 8th of May. Follow fmrs.online to see and tune in, and explore this fresh website!

Opublikowane przez agnieszkakonstancja

Freedom, not manipulation.


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