A human being has intrinsic, unique value. Never to be treated as an object.

Welcome! My name is Agnieszka and I research the problems of propaganda and the psychology of a totalitarian state.

Here I snowshoe on the Squam Lake in New Hampshire. Live free or die!

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Do not say „Russia”, say „the gang”

I have a friend who burnt his passport this week: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-02-27/russian-australians-react-to-ukraine-conflict/100861512?fbclid=IwAR0KxvCKrw-YmseXtKynkBPRZMKdqIjR14kalc0bUg_Dh7Wp1w5y-aJ2O20 I know Russian emigres describing themselves as „rootless”. I know those who can only post from the free world – otherwise they would end up in a penal colony. And it wouldn’t have to be anything too provocative. Just playing computer games is enoughCzytaj dalej „Do not say „Russia”, say „the gang””

What was going on with me… And how I ended up speaking in Vienna

The last months flew by quickly. In the fall, I was busy preparing my paper and speech for the 10th International Austrian Conference: https://www.austrianconference.org/ I arrived in Vienna as a keynote speaker, not yet 32 years old, not a philosopher or an economist by training, and still repeating the progression of events that led toCzytaj dalej „What was going on with me… And how I ended up speaking in Vienna”

The world needs more dead poets

The Dead Poets Society – a secret organization where boys blossomed into men, inspired by Thoreau’s „sucking marrow out of life”, learning to leave behind the suffocating conformity of Welton Academy. Brilliant young minds who started to make their own choices – as the free thinkers Mr Keating aspired to teach them to be. TheCzytaj dalej „The world needs more dead poets”

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